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1. How do I book my dog or cat for a groom at Barks In The Zoo?

A: Give us a call at 269.383.8334 or stop into the store. We will take roughly ten minutes to discuss your needs, build you a profile on our scheduling software, and get your animal booked in for their groom!

2. Do you have animals available for purchase?

A: We do not sell animals of any kind. We support local rescues such as the SPCA, Animal Rescue Project, Kalamazoo Animal Rescue, Kzoo Cat Cafe, and more!

3. Where are you located?

A: We are located on Oakland Drive in the Oakwood Plaza; we are between Wild Birds Unlimited and This Is A Bookstore.

4. Do you accept returns?

A: We allow returns of clean, nonperishable items with intact tags within one week of purchase. Food returns on a case by case basis depending on reason and brand.

5. I don’t see my brand of food or other product on the shelf, but I would like to shop with you; are you able to place a special order?

A: Yes! As long as we are able to get the item through one of our distributors we are happy to offer prepaid special orders with whatever frequency you require.

6. Do you carry Royal Canin or Science Diet?

 A: We do not carry any prescription foods.

7. What vaccines are required for my dog to be groomed in your salon?

A: We require proof that your dog has been vaccinated for Rabies, and heavily encourage you to also vaccinate for Bordatella, Distemper, Parvo, and Lyme Disease.

8. You carry many grain-free, “boutique,” and raw options for dog food; don’t these cause dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs?

A: While the FDA originally expressed concern that these foods may be linked to DCM, further research has proven there is no known link between these diets and dogs developing DCM. Instead they have determined that DCM is more likely to develop in dogs who consistently eat the same highly processed foods for months to years at a time. For dogs with no genetic predisposition to develop DCM, the most important thing a parent can do is make sure their dog is getting variety in their diet and being sure to include minimally processed foods, such as organ meats or raw treats/food.

 9. I notice your well-stocked bakery case, do you offer custom bakery items for dogs, such as birthday cakes?

A: While we do have many baked goodies for dogs, including a variety of birthday cakes, we suggest going to Bon Appetit on Gull Road for custom items!

10. I see you have many chew options for dogs, do you carry rawhide?

A: As rawhide is a dangerous and non-digestible item, we do not carry any in the store. Alternatively, we carry many chews in our raw bar, ranging from bully sticks and Himalayan chews, to cow ears and tripe knots! 

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