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Who We Are

A Place For The Modern Dog and Cat

Barks In The Zoo is more than just a salon or a store, but a place of knowledge, understanding, and compassion. We are here to help you live the best life with your four legged friend- from products, to services, and advice- we are a one stop shop for all your animal needs. And if we don't have what you need, we will help you find it!


Our Story

Our store began its life in 2003 with the name Bark's 5th Avenue, under the tutelage of Deb Watson. Over the years, the business grew to include a bustling grooming salon, along with a curated variety of food, toys, and treats for dogs and cats. Barks was one of the first of it's kind in West Michigan- a space dedicated to high-quality pet nutrition. In it's infancy, Barks even offered year-round pet photography! 

In 2022 the store was taken over by Marissa DePumpo and Luke Loviska, a pair of pet care professionals who have dedicated their careers to working with animals. The couple met at the end of their collegiate experiences while working at a daycare and boarding facility in Chicago. While there the pair realized that they had stumbled into their real careers- helping animals and their people in whatever capacity was most needed. Since then they have worked in animal retail, boarding, daycare, rescue, grooming, and corporate offices, honing the knowledge and skills necessary to bring the best possible experience to you today. With the takeover of Barks, Marissa and Luke are more than excited to serve their local pet community in this new capacity. Since taking over and changing the store's name to Barks In The Zoo, the pair have carried on the tradition of providing the most high-quality, natural, and when possible, local, products available for dogs and cats. While the grooming salon at Barks has been a mainstay for the pet community of Kalamazoo, it has now grown to include four professional pet stylists who utilize only the most high quality and beneficial products for their canine (and feline) clients.  Whether your dog or cat is simply in need of a new toy, a full diet transition, a grooming glow up, or just some friendly pets and treats, the team at Barks In The Zoo is ready to serve you! 

Meet The Team
*Pictures and Blurbs coming soon!*

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